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Personal Training

with personal trainer Susi in Maspalomas

Choose the training which fits you best!

Personal training is ideal for everyone, who wants to improve fitness specificely and individually.

Up to 3 persons (friends, acquaintances or relatives) can attend at one training lesson without additional charge.

One training lesson lasts 60 minutes.

The training location can be determined individually.


This training is carried out outdoor only. It is a mix of exercises out of endurance-, power endurance-, functional- and mobility-training.



​Due to the individual content there are no special requirements.

Please bring along enough to drink!


Mobility und Stretching

This is a more calm exercise where mainly mobility, fascia and flexibility are trained. Simultaneously body perception and body balance are improved.

Everyone can attend this training, no matter of age or fitness level.

Please bring along a towel, a gymnastics mat and enough to drink!



This training alternates between stress- and relaxation-phases in certain time periods. Due to the relatively short relaxation phases the orgnism is not able to fully recover. As a result quick success in cardiovascular adaption, power-endurance, endurance, coordination and mobility can be achieved.


A certain level of basic fitness is required.

Please bring along a towel, a gymnastics mat and enough to drink!

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