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Outstanding EMS Training in Maspalomas - Gran Canaria

Why train long,

when 20 minutes EMS training are enough?

What is EMS Training?


EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) is an easy on the joints and highly intensive whole body training. At the major muscle groups (legs, belly, buttocks, higher and lower back, chest, arms, shoulders) in total eight pairs of electrodes are fixed, which are included in a vest.


By pleasant stimulating impulses these and all lower located muscles (eg. pelvic floor and low back muscles) are stimulated and trained. As a result every single muscle is trained in a considerably shorter time and much more intensively, than in a conventional training.


A light and pleasant prickle activates skin and muscles simultaneously on the whole body. With the help of special programs and applications you will achieve your desired goals in shortest time and with minimal effort.


The training time is 30 minutes at maximum and is equal to about 1.5 hours conventional training!



EMS Training Straubing

The training time is 30 minutes at maximum and is equal to about 1.5 hours conventional training!

EMS Training Straubing

Which effects can be achieved with EMS training?


Muscular Effects

• Muscle-growth and -definition

• Improved springiness

• Increased maximum force and endurance

• compensation of muscular dis-balances

• Improved mobility


Cosmetic effects

• Reduction of cellulitis and saddlebags

• Activation of metabolism and blood circulation

• Significant support for weight and fat reduction

• Massage effect


Relief of symptoms

• Relief or elimination of back pain

• Release of muscle tension and muscle stiffness

• Relief of incontinence


Psychological effects

• Improved mood and motivation

• Increased physical feeling

• Improved body posture

• Increased stress resistance and load capacity


Is EMS safe?

Yes. EMS is used successfully and safe by doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors since decades.


Can I lose weight with EMS?

Yes. At first you will lose centimeters, but little or none on weight. It always depends on your extent of overweight. In the second phase of the training the fat-burning is increased which results in loss of weight.


When can I see first results?

Already after the first training lesson you will feel vitalized. Visible results can usually be seen after a few training sessions.


Does EMS support a diet?

Yes. EMS is an ideal way to be revitalized during a diet and to get an increased muscle tone and a well supplied with blood tissue. By use of the Anti-Cellulite-Program the fat-burning is intensively stimulated.


Is EMS suitable, to reduce the waist circumference, or to define the waist?

Yes. Many people with less defined waists are often considered to have overweight. This is mainly based on a weak muscle tone. Weak abdominal muscles are not able to give sufficient stability to the inner organs, so they bulge forward. EMS strengthens the core muscles which results in ideal proportions.


Is EMS suitable for men too?

Of course! Especially men react more effective on the training due to their higher testosterone level. As a result they have a faster fat reduction and better muscle growth.

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